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Australia custom tours
with your private driver-guide

Quality privately guided vacations in Australia with your own personal driver-guide
Boutique service for the discerning traveler
First class limousine travel packages in Australia

Tour Australia with your own private driver-guide

Welcome to Australia Your driver-guide in Australia
GuideHello and many thanks for visiting us! We are a tour company like no other!
  • All our tours are private - meaning that if there are 2 of you, this will be a tour run exclusively for both of you; you will have your own driver / tour leader all along, as well as private local guides in all important places.
  • Our tours are inclusive of all expenses in Australia: guides, domestic flights, accommodation, fine cuisine meals, entrance fees - you can travel without your wallet!
  • Although we offer standard itineraries on this website, almost all of our clients prefer a custom-designed tour, which we are happy to prepare without any obligation other than a tiny charity donation acting as a commitment fee.
Feel free to ask any questions:
Discover Australia in the comfort of a chauffeured tour with your private driver-guide

For couples or small groups
sydney harbour bridge escorted vacationWe cater exclusively for couples or small private groups up to 6 persons. This allows you to see much more of our fantastic country. Explore thoroughly our nature, history, geology, and beauty. Enjoy and relax!

Boutique Bed and Breakfast
Charming luxury or boutique style hotels
Because you travel in a small group, we can offer you accommodation in some of the most amazing properties and estates.

Taste the most typical foods and wines
All meals are included. Dinners are served in the best available restaurants with half a bottle of the best available local wine per person.

Choose your preferred itinerary
Please choose the tour corresponding to your wishes from the menu on the left. You may also choose from our tour selection, or select the tour best suited to your vacation month or your special interest.

sydney opera au vacationWhether you desire to see The Outback, Great Barrier Reef, or some of Australia's major cosmopolitan cities, we will ensure a wonderful vacation experience for you. Our tours are all custom-made, and the itineraries listed here are only suggestions. All fully inclusive and privately guided itineraries may be added to one another, and each Australia tour can be fully customized, lengthened, or shortened.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any special wishes. We are always happy to oblige.

We look forward to guiding you in Australia

artA continent, island and country all at once, Australia is a land of epic proportions. Few realise that it is larger than Europe without its Russian part! Perhaps one of the main reason to visit Australia on a personal tour is to see its vast landscapes, amazing wildlife, and interesting landmarks. A unique and gorgeous place to visit, Australia offers a wide-array of activities for all visitors of any age.

Australia isn’t just home to one type of terrain. The continent includes over 11,000 beaches and an astounding 37,000 km of coastline. This includes the famous Bondi Beach, known for its luxurious surf and yearly events such as the Sculpture of the Sea walk and Festival of the Winds, a wonderful kiting festival. Australia also has 8 forest types covering over 147 million hectares (equal to about 363 million square acres!), all of which house wondrous creatures and many beautiful types of vegetation.

kangarooThe Australian wildlife list is one of the most unique in the world. One of the first things that people think of when it comes to Australia is one creature: the kangaroo. But Australia is also home to hundreds of well-known creatures that are native to the area. These creatures are rarely, if ever, seen in other parts of the world. The koala bear, wallaby (the “miniature kangaroo"), dingo, and wombat are just a few intriguing animals on the list.

A lot of people prefer to have a tour in Australia because they want to see the world-renown landmarks that exemplify the beauty of the country. The Sydney Opera House, with its glorious exterior architecture, is one of the busiest performing art centers on the planet.

private guide-driver
The Sydney Harbour Bridge, the “largest single arch bridge” in the world, finds itself as the main tourism spot due to the fact that it is possible to tour (as a group) to the very top of the landmark. For adventurers and those looking to see great natural beauty, there is the Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef in the world with over 1500 types of fish.

The idea of touring this great country may seem daunting; however, it is easily enjoyable with a private touring guide. Why choose a private touring guide over a public one? - There are several reasons.

With a private touring company you are able to get an intimate experience, being able to choose what you want to do and when, without the hassle of being in a timed and predestined tour. With public tours, you are also bound to be on a bus or other transport with several strangers, many of which can be noisy or time-consuming. Private tours allow you a bit of luxury, riding in private sedans or minivans, which have air conditioning.

private driver
Private chauffeured tours also allow the person to worry less about what types of foods to eat or where to stay at a hotel and enjoy the landmarks and landscapes more. Chauffeur guides will recommend the best food locations for the types of foods that you are looking for as well as help you decide where it would be most comfortable to stay during your visit.

Unlike group tours, private tours allow for the guests to ask the guide several questions, without any interruptions or distractions. It is the chauffeur’s duty to ensure that a person gets the most out of their trip, whether it is to see the beautiful oceans or to visit a few marsupials. All aspects of the itinerary are customizable allowing absolute free decision making for the entirety of the trip. Australia chauffeured tours are all about comfort, freedom of decision, and catering to the many needs of the guests.