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Crocodile Tour of Australia
North Australia tour itinerary in 11 days

Crocodile tour of Australia in 11 days Suggested tour itinerary Crocodile tour of Australia in 11 days

crocodile watching tourThe North Australia tour in 11 days starts and ends in Darwin.

This tour focuses on Northern Australia.

Darwin - Desert flora and fauna - Litchfield National Park - Kakadu National Park - Yellow Waters Lagoon - Katherine Gorge - Bungle Bungle - Windjana Gorge National Park.

Bungle Bungle, North Western Australia Darwin, Northern Territory Windjana Gorge, North Western Australia Litchfield N.P., Northern Territory

Crocodile Tour of Australia Itinerary
North Australia tour itinerary in 11 days
Tour starts and ends in Darwin.
Exceptional and spectacular landscapes
Darwin - Litchfield National Park - Florence Falls and Wangi Falls - Batchelor
Northern Australia tour
Morning arrival in Darwin. Drive to Litchfield National Park. View Magnetic Termite Mounds. Swimming in beautiful waterfalls such as Florence Falls and Wangi Falls. Optional Billabong Cruise. Enjoy an exclusive boat cruise on a pristine billabong set in a private cattle station. View the abundant wildlife including birds, crocodiles, and wallabies. Overnight in Batchelor.
Batchelor - Kakadu National Park - Ubirr Rock - Jabiru
Northern Australia tour
watching wombatDrive to the Kakadu National Park. Jabiru Bowali Visitor Centre and Manngarre Monsoon Rainforest Walk. See the sunset at Ubirr Art Site Walk at Ubirr Rock. Overnight in Jabiru.
Jabiru - Yellow Waters Lagoon - Jim Jim and Twin Falls - Cooinda
Northern Australia tour
Ascent to the Mirrai Lookout for the best views. Round trip to the Yellow Waters Lagoon at sunset. Side trip to the Jim Jim and Twin Falls. Overnight in Cooinda.
Cooinda - Katherine Gorge - Katherine
Northern Australia tour
vineyard fun tourGo by canoe through the 12km long Katherine Gorge. Bushwalk in the Katherine Low Level Nature Park. Overnight in Katherine.
Katherine - Gregory National Park - Timber Creek
Northern Australia tour
Drive from Katherine to Timber Creek, which is an excellent stopover point and base to explore the Gregory National Park. Overnight in Timber Creek.
Timber Creek - Lily Creek Lagoon - Kununurra
Northern Australia tour
vacation tourk ata tjutaDrive from Timber Creek to Kununurra. Lily Creek Lagoon has plenty of bird life and boating is possible. Overnight in Kununurra.
Kununurra - Bungle Bungle - Halls Creek
Northern Australia tour
Experience the exhilaration of a helicopter flight over both station country and national park. Fly over and through the Osmond Ranges, Bungle Bungle Massif, Beehive Domes, Horseshoe Valley and the Western Wall. Overnight in Halls Creek.
Halls Creek - Geike Gorge - Tunnel Creek - Fitzroy Crossing
Northern Australia tour
Self-Driving tour itinerariesDiscover the beautiful vegetation of the Geike Gorge National Park around the gorge and also the plentiful wildlife including freshwater crocodiles, wallaroos, and rare black-footed wallaby. For adventure seekers, go through the 750m long tunnel at the Tunnel Creek. Overnight stay in Fitzroy Crossing.
Fitzroy Crossing - Derby
Northern Australia tour
Drive from Fitzroy Crossing to Derby. See the Boab Prison Tree that was used as a lock-up years ago. Overnight in Derby.
Derby - Windjana Gorge National Park - Broome
Northern Australia tour
tour with Self-Driving tour itinerariesExcursion to the Windjana Gorge National Park for watching freshwater crocodiles. At the sand banks discover the ruins of the Lillmooloora Police Station. Drive on to Broome. Visit the pearl breed. Overnight in Broome.
Broome - Cable Beach - Darwin
Northern Australia tour
Walk along the unique Cable Beach. Drop-off at the Broome airport. Domestic flight from Broome to Darwin. This concludes your Crocodile Tour in Australia.
Kakadu Yellow Waters, Northern Territory  Tunnel Creek N.P., North Western Australia Windjana Gorge N.P., North Western Australia Katherine Gorge, Northern Territory

Jumping crocodiles

Jumping crocodile Jumping Crocodiles of Australia are not freshwater, but saltwater crocodiles. Thirty years ago, the crocodile was heading to extinction. Today, there are more than 80,000 saltwater crocodiles along the tidal rivers of northern Australia. The crocodile is part of the reptile family. Its blood is cold and, as many reptiles such as snakes, it basks in the sun during the "cold" season, which runs from June to early August. In contrast, during the hot season, crocodiles bury themselves in the mud under the trees in order to be protected from heat. Saltwater crocodiles developed an extraordinary ability to jump in order to catch prey, i.e. birds resting on trees above the water line.

Katherine The town of Katherine, about 200 miles south of Darwin, draws its prosperity from the surrounding cattle stations, an abattoir and, more recently, from tourism. About 20 miles from town is the Katherine Gorge where the river flows, clean and swift, between towering canyon walls. Jedda Rock takes its name from the Charles Chauvel movie "Jedda", which was filmed in the area.