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Australia custom tours
with your private driver-guide

Quality privately guided vacations in Australia with your own personal driver-guide
Boutique service for the discerning traveler
First class limousine travel packages in Australia
Experience real food and wine of Australia

dinner at best available restaurant

sydney opera australia vacationA tour in Australia without a proper food and wine tasting would not be a complete travel experience. At A La Carte Australia Tours we strive to bring you the most typical foods and wines of Australia.

Modern cities like Melbourne have a very diverse restaurant scene, so you will have many different options when selecting a dining experience. From tender meat dishes to fresh vegetables, you are sure to find it all in this rapidly growing city. You will find all kinds of culinary delights that you might not have expected in Australia. There is nothing quite like sitting on a patio that overlooks the Yarra River and enjoying some authentic Australian cuisine that is cooked to perfection.

sydney harbour bridge private tourYour driver-guide assists you at all times and is also at-hand when you have breakfast, lunch or dinner so you can be properly informed about the curiosities and peculiarities of fine Australian cuisine.

No large group tour can offer you such a thorough and enjoyable approach to this authentic part of modern heritage of Australia.

Our suggested tour itineraries on this website include

  • continental breakfasts
  • light lunches (quiche, soup, sandwich), so we can fully use the daylight for sightseeing
  • dinners in typical restaurants (upmarket establishments, but also typical cafés, most of them award-winning) and you choose freely three items off the menus
  • best available local wine at dinner (half a bottle per person)

Of course, we will look after your specific requirements and diets. Just let us know what they are at the time of booking, and we will be delighted to adapt the tour to your specific personal needs.

delicious food local wine Australian cuisine is a unique mix of traditional Aussie favourites and modern multicultural influences. Maybe you've heard of some Aussie classics, such as the lamington? How about vegemite? And we're all familiar with the famous Australian expression to "throw another prawn on the barbie". And while it's true that all of these foods are fair dinkum Aussie classics, these days Australian food and wine has taken on a more sophisticated style. Australian cuisine mixes the classic Aussie dishes with influences from European, south-east Asia and the Middle East.

Modern Australian Cuisine

sydney harbour bridge escorted vacationThe warm weather in Australia means that Aussies love their BBQs. Whereas once upon-a-time all you would find on an Aussie BBQ was the standard sausage and steak, these days modern Australian cuisine takes advantage of more exotic local produce: don't be surprised to find seafood, prawns, pork - and even animals such as kangaroo being grilled to mouth-watering perfection. The unique flavours of local meats are even better once they've been thrown on top of a roaring open grill.

Australian vs. American Dishes

private tour 3 sisters blue mountainsVisiting Australia will give you the chance to sample the best of Australia's locally grown and produced produce. Because of the hotter climate, Australian food tends towards fresh, light, healthy food with plenty of flavour. The tropical parts of Australia means that fresh exotic fruits can be grown all year around, resulting in lots of interesting dishes and flavour combinations. Australian food tends to be lighter than American food, with lots of fresh fruits, salads, a large variety of tasty seafood, and lots of tender lean meat.

Australian Wine

sydney harbour bridge private tourDuring the day Australians love nothing more than sitting back with a cuppa, but when evening comes round it is time to enjoy some of the country's finest wines. Australia is well known for its many wine valleys and wineries which produce some of the globe's finest drops. The southern states of Australia are home to some of the world's best wine regions, being well-known for their chardonnays, ros├ęs and Rieslings, amongst others. With a wide range of unique flavours, fresh local produce and world class wineries, Australia is positioning itself as a leader in food and wine.