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Platypus Tour of Australia
South Australia tour itinerary in 14 days

Platypus Tour of Australia in 14 days Suggested tour itinerary Platypus Tour of Australia in 14 days

watching australia platypusThis tour focuses on South Australia, with extensive visits in Victoria (Adelaide) and Tasmania.

The Platypus Tour is scheduled to last 2 whole weeks with the first 3 days alloted for exploring the sights and sounds of Sydney with your very own knowledgeable guide. The tour then moves on to Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne and ends in the beautiful city of Sydney back again.

This tour in South Australia features:

Yarra River Tour - Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens Tour - Petaluma's Bridgewater Mill - Whale Watching - The Royal Australian Mint - Namadgi National Park Tour - The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Tour - Freycinet National Park Tour.

Great Ocean Road,South of Australia tour itineraries Sydney Opera, South Australia Tour

Platypus Tour of Australia Itinerary
South Australia tour itinerary in 14 days
Tour starts and ends in Sydney.
Exceptional and spectacular landscapes
South of Australia tours
Morning arrival in Sydney. To enable you to adapt to the time shift, this day is fairly active with short nature walks. Visit a koala colony. Introduction to the nature of Australia with a local naturalist guide. 2 nights in downtown Sydney.
Sydney – Opera House – Harbour Bridge
South of Australia tours
australia tourGuided walk downtown: the Opera House, the port, panoramic view from Harbour Bridge, Aquarium. Queen Victoria Building (shopping). Optional Opera Show (depending on availability). 2nd night in Sydney.
Sydney – Harbour Bay - Canberra
South of Australia tours
Cruise on the Harbour Bay. Taronga Zoological Garden. District of Manly. Train ride from Sydney to Canberra. 2 nights in Canberra.
Canberra – Royal Mint of Australia – Adelaide
South of Australia tours
lighthouse tourLake Burley, in Canberra city centre. The Australian National Botanic Gardens. The Royal Mint of Australia. Lookout from the Namadgi National Park. Domestic flight from Canberra to Adelaide. 4 nights in Adelaide.
South of Australia tours
Glenelg Tram. Wide, white beaches, stately homes and a vibrant shopping and eating district will greet you. Light’s Vision and Mount Lofty lookouts. 2nd night in Adelaide.
Adelaide – National Motor Museum of Australia - Adelaide
South of Australia tours
enjoyable vacation tour australiaBridgewater Mill (champagne and wines). National Motor Museum of Australia at Birdwood, Hahndorf town and Academy tour. 3rd night in Adelaide.
Adelaide – Australia Jade Mines - Adelaide
South of Australia tours
The Lower Peninsula (50 minutes by plane from Adelaide). Whale watching, jade mines, unique to this part of Australia. 4th night in Adelaide.
Adelaide – Melbourne
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ostrich watchingThe Overland train ride (11 hours) from Adelaide to Melbourne. 3 nights in Melbourne.
Melbourne - Yarra River - Melbourne
South of Australia tours
Melbourne, second largest city of Australia. Full day cruise down the Yarra River. The Rialto Towers observation (Melbourne's tallest building). 2nd night in Melbourne.
Melbourne – National Wool Museum of Australia, Geelong - Melbourne
South of Australia tours
tour itinerariesd ayers rock tourNational Wool Museum in Geelong, Great Ocean Road lookouts. Lake Murdeduke and Modewarre view. 3rd night in Melbourne.
Melbourne - Art of Australia - Hobart
South of Australia tours
National Gallery of Victoria tour: art collections from Australia (Aboriginal), Asia, Europe. Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens tour. Shopping in the afternoon. Domestic flight from Melbourne to Hobart. 2 nights in Hobart.
Hobart – Mt Wellington - Hobart
South of Australia tours
sydney opera tourThe Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens tour. Mt Wellington's 1,234-metre peak panoramic views of Hobart and the estuary beyond. Cruise to the Cadbury Chocolate Factory. 2nd night in Hobart.
Hobart – Swansea
South of Australia tours
Port Arthur and Great Oyster Bay tour. Visit the only cork museum in Australia. Overnight in Swansea.
Freycinet National Park of Australia
South of Australia tours
sydney harbour bridge tourFreycinet National Park tour, pink granite mountains. Domestic flight from Launceston to Sydney. This is the end of your tour in Australia.
Yarra River, Melbourne Koala, South of Australia  Lake Burley, South of Australia


Canberra In the Aboriginal language, Canberra means "gathering place". Canberra has been the capital of Australia since 1908, after a decision had to find a middle ground between the two largest Australian cities, Sydney and Melbourne, both of which then disputed the title of capital of Australia. Canberra was built after plans made by Walter Burley Griffin and his wife Marion Mahony Griffin, a couple of American architects, at an international competition. The city has an area of 925 Sq miles and is located near the Brindabella Mountains (Brendy Bear Ranges). The construction of the city was strongly influenced by the idea of a green city. It is only after the Second World War that Canberra became a flourishing city.

Platypus These egg-laying mammals eat insects, molluscs, crustaceans, and sometimes frogs. They store their catch in cheek pouches until they surface, and then float while they grind the food between the hard plates on their upper and lower jaws. When submerged, a platypus gains information from its bill which containing electroreceptors. It also uses its bill, which is shaped like a duck's, to snap at prey and to sift small invertebrates from sediments. Unlike a duck's bill, however, the platypus's bill is pliable and very sensitive.
Elephant seal

Elephant seal Females of this huge species weigh an average of 660 lbs, while males can weigh a mighty 8360 lbs. They once lived on the north-western coast of Tasmania and on King Island in Bass Strait, but since early in the nineteenth century, when hunters exterminated a breeding colony at King Island, only three pups have been born on Australia's coast. From time to time intrepid individuals still reach Australia from subantarctic waters and parts of the Antarctic, and when they do they make quite an impression because of their massive size.